Interior Architectural Design Services

Space Planning.

Our role is to unite the architectural expression of the exterior with the design language of the interior spaces. DIAD will review the Architect's footprint and space planning and will, in collaboration with the Client, Architect and additional Consultants, develop floor plans indicating internal structures, circulation and furniture layouts.

Conceptual Design and Creative Direction.

Our Clients' brief is tailored specifically to suit their individual project through a number of techniques including extensive research into the project location, cultural and historical influences and available local building materials and finishes. This assists in determining the Creative Direction for each project and will substantiate the design in every aspect from space planning and interior architecture/detailing right through to the finishes, furnishings, fabric selections, lighting and artwork - allowing each aspect of the project to consist of mindful matter.

3D Visualisations.

Otherwise known as computer generated imagery (CGI's), 3D visualisations are the photorealistic creations of the project design intent. In addition they can operate as a key design development tool allowing quick resolution for potential spatial, architectural detail, finish or furniture concerns. Their detail will vary depending on individual client choice, from visualisations demonstrating the overall mood of the project during conceptual design, to visualisations generated during construction documentation.

Construction Documentation.

We pride ourselves on the highest quality-level of construction documentation. The DIAD Design Team are proficient in both AutoCAD and Revit programming, allowing us more flexibility in coordination with all Consultants making up the project team. DIAD construction documentation includes floor plans (setting out plans, floor finish plans, reflected ceiling plans, electrical layouts and furniture plans), elevations, sections and construction details.

Furniture Design, Fabric Selections and Decorative Lighting Design.

FF&E Design can simply furnish a space or work towards defining it. DIAD, as with all other aspects of our projects, place deep value in the seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality and appreciation for the beauty in the way in which items are constructed. This includes knowledge of the correct finishes, materials and fabrics for an item of furniture and how they would handle different circumstances. Furniture, fabrics and decorative lighting are selected or custom designed if necessary with the individual project design intent in mind.

Site Supervision.

We believe that exceptional design is only as good as the follow-through and implementation thereof. Attention to detail and execution of the design are of utmost importance. Members of the project team will make periodic site visits. This, together with the presence of an on-site representative if required, will ensure that the outcome is consistent with the creative direction established at the onset of the project. Site representatives are involved in the project from inception and are consequently able to make decisions consistent with the design intent and established goals for the project.

Sourcing and Procurement.

DIAD has invested time and effort into building strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. We draw on these global resources in order to achieve the best product available within the outlined budget constraints. Procurement and Purchasing Services specifications will allow for competitive bidding should products not be specifically selected from standard catalogues. There is the added benefit of having products designed, specified and procured by the same company - ensuring the link between the design intent and the practical qualities of purchasing at a realistic price is not broken - resulting in open communication and continuity key to project success. Specifications will be suited to achieve both the Client and Operator functional requirements, within budget, without losing the integrity of the project's design intent.

Artwork and Accessories Selection.

Artwork and accessories provide the final finishing touch to a project and are a further demonstration of the project design intent, not to be dismissed as items that require little thought and attention. Depending on client requirements the artwork and accessory element can be intensely detailed and custom-designed, or alternatively a concept can be provided at the onset to be procured closer to the completion of the project from catalogue items that closely match the concept. These services encompass artwork and accessories selections and can branch through to graphic design/signage, tableware and uniform design.

Architectural Services

Stage 1: Inception

Here we discuss the clients requirements, the site and the rights and constraints attached to it, the clients' budgetary constraints, the need for Consultants, the projected time line and the contract under which the project will be signed.

Stage 2: Concept and Viability (concept design)

A sketch design/drawing indicating spatial relationships and space allocation is presented. Proposed materials and means of construction are presented.

Stage 3: Design Development

The scope and complexity of the project is confirmed. The design is reviewed in consultation with local and statutory authorities. The design undergoes full development incorporating the co-ordination of all relevant services-mechanical, structural etc. the costs and programme are again reviewed.

Stage 4.1: Documentation and Procurement

The preparation of documentation sufficient for local authority submission takes place. The completion of the primary co-ordination of technical documentation with the various consultants takes place. Specifications for the works are prepared. The clients authority is obtained and documents are submitted for approval to local authority.

Stage 4.2: Documentation and Procurement

Construction documentation is completed and tenders are requested. Offers for the execution of the works are obtained and evaluated, and the building contract is awarded. The building contract is signed.

Stage 5: Construction

We administer the building contract, issue construction documentation and inspect the works that they're being carried out in accordance with the documentation. A certificate of practical completion is issued.

Stage 6: Close Out

In the final stage, we facilitate the project close-out including the preparation of the necessary documentation to effect completion, handover and operation of the project. Certificates related to contract completion are issued and the client is provided with as-built drawings.